Tablet Repairs

Tablet Repairs

Tablet Repairs are our specialty and we are one of the leading tablet repair centres this side of Brisbane.

We can repair any issue or problem with your tablet, from water or liquid damage to board level tablet repairs.

We Specialise in all iPads, Samsung, Sony Tablets With major repairs on these devices,  from screen Repairs to buttons, charging ports speakers and much more. All Our Tablet repairs come with a 90 day warranty on all parts and labour, so you have nothing to worry about when getting your tablet fixed at Ifixit Mobiles.



Tablet screens can be smashed at the drop of a hat (no pun in intended) If you have had the unfortunate experience of a smashed LCD call one of our friendly team members today.

You shouldn’t have to deal with a cracked screen when you can have it repaired for next to nothing.

Most screen replacements are done in store within 30-60 minutes. So drop off your tablet, go grab a coffee and we will call you when your tablet is back up to tip-top condition.


A Charging module is generally one of the only exposed parts on a Tablet, therefore things can start to breakdown with the charging module over time.

If you are having issues with your charging port or you need to put your phone on just the right angle to get it to charge, drop by and let us have a look.

It could be a 30 minute fix and save you hours of frustration.


Does your music sound bubbly or watery? Is it difficult to hear people or music and the sound is very muffled or distorted? Or can you just not hear anything at all?

These are all indications that your speaker may need to be replaced. Most speaker issues are caused by moisture, whether it be condensation or just humidity getting to your delicate components.

We can replace your speaker and “Clear” up your conversations once and for all.


If you are finding it difficult to get reception or your wifi signal continually drops out and does not connect then your Antenna may be faulty in your tablet.

Other causes may be software or other hardware related however 9 times out of 10 we have found that this issue is caused by a faulty antenna and should be replaced regardless.

Camera Related Problems

Sometimes your camera can go blurry or crack, it can distort, stop working or even fall out and get lost (rare cases, generally when the back panel of an iPad has been shattered).

Regardless, things can go wrong with your camera which can sometimes be forgotten about, until it comes time for your child’s sports day or that old and rare car you’ve always wanted that drives past.

Play it safe, Get it fixed!


We stock a number of different parts for all tablets in store including respective batteries for your tablet. iPads in general are powered by the internal lithium-based battery.

These batteries have only a certain amount of charge cycles in them which means, they don’t last forever. If you tablet’s charge has been dropping quickly or not charging fully, you may be up for a new battery, a 30 minute fix for iFixit Mobiles.


Water Damage is caused by water immersion, condensation or electrical devices spending a day at the pool.

This type of damage can often be fixed if the right precautions are taken from the get go.

If you find that your tablet’s gone swimming, follow the steps on our FAQ page and get your tablet to iFixit mobiles ASAP for the best chance in saving your device and more importantly, your data.


If your sim card slider is broken/cracked or your SIM Reader is damaged and your sim card can no longer be read by your tablet it can be quite difficult using your tablet for its intended use.

This can be fixed and should be, there is no fun in rendering a tablet inoperable.

Simply pop in to your local iFixit mobiles and the highly experienced repair time will have your tablet back up and calling in no time.


We are aware that sometimes your tablet may be damaged in ways that are not listed here, chances are we can still fix it for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact our repair team and have them take a look at your device for you.

We currently service and repair smartphones and tablets within the Moreton bay regional area including, Morayfield, Caboolture, Narangba and as far up as Brisbane. All of iFixit Mobiles repair technicians have a vast array of extensive experience in mobile phone repairs, smartphone repairs, mobile phone unlocking and tablet repairs.

iFixit Mobiles also cater for companies, business’ and government organisations for maintenance and repairs on all their smartphones and tablets. We also wholesale a majority of our parts and products to our competitors and local repairers which gives you the peace of mind needed when choosing a smartphone or tablet repairer.

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